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Can We Restore The Original Social Media Dream – Arshya Aggarwal

It manifests itself in the cutting-edge change in consumer behaviour, but it can also easily be categorized as spammy. It seeks our attention in ways we’re far from controlling. It governs us, parents us, influences us. Despite all those apparent concerns, we can’t seem to get enough of it — a point emotionally and practically […]

Pandemic Productivity: An Absurd Expectation – Prableen Gujral

   Seventeen long, deadly months into the pandemic, people across the world are reporting severe psychic distress. It’s lonely, we’re stuck inside, and we’re isolated from friends and family. Politics is fevered, the economy continues to struggle, and the coronavirus rages on. Many of us may be at a breaking point.  As the worldwide pandemic […]

The Embrace-Melvin J Gideon

Uncloaked from tiny wings there she laid Like a souvenir misplaced  In a sewage almost dry  Within a panorama of bustling shades; Her wanderers swaying towards the blue The suburbs in those clouds  Already missing her.  Couple of blocks away  A chorus leaves its trail from a chapel Where grief replaced the bread and wine. […]

The Lost Muse – Satwika Jha

You walked in with the gibberish of a sailor,  My tides had never felt such storm before;  Your fingertips glazed my skin,  And that was enough to set fire to the deck.  The Sea was bound to fold in on us,  When was Charybdus ever a kind mistress, anyway?  But this moment was ours; our […]

KIL GILBAZ – Luthan Gangmei

1 KIL GILBAZ  The dining hall of Gilbert Boys Hostel was as dull as a polluted hazy night with a meekly lit  lamppost. It was an old building deserted by its authority decades ago; left to rot and to be used  by those who seek pleasure and anonymity. For an oblivious place as such, the […]

The Platform – Naresh Kumar

The train’s engine blew its whistle as it chugged past the platform. The whistle was sharp  and loud. The train shook the platform — floor and walls. It shook the Station Master’s office  too.  The Station Master remained unmoved; he sat at his desk, scrolling through the day’s  roster from behind a pair of thick-framed […]

Fall, Crawl, Walk – Sakshi Prabhu

After falling on my face at the age of 17, I was met with an everlasting, consistent feeling. The feeling of descent. I couldn’t stop falling. I could struggle, flutter my arms, but I couldn’t stop diving. An involuntary dive, a dive that simply wouldn’t seem deep, because I could see no ground to gauge […]

The Compass With No North : Spandan Rana

“I can feel it. I can feel my legs giving out, my feet bleeding as I leave a trail of lifeless blood behind. The barren land collides with my tender childish feet and I feel it screaming in agony.” Edward could feel the cold grasp of death creeping up on him. “I can feel it. […]

The Soulful Select


“But however small it was, it had, nevertheless, the mysterious property of its kind” A Room of One’s Own...

A Parody

Written by Ovais Rashid Strip naked to someone,the only oneIn the dead of night, subconsciouslyAll the blues and the...

Wildflower Falls

Written by Subrata Sarkar Cloudy city, a sea of people inthese monochromatic broad streets,lonesome and devoid of emotions, ebbsand...

Tea-Time Select

The Lady on the Red Planet

Written by Nayanathara S           I  Mehak slumped down into the bed, her face buried in her fragile arms. Tears...

The Divine Poesy of Healing

Written by Arani Acharjee If the world was ending before sunrise,And sinking deep in heaven’s coma;If everything is on...

The Patient Readers’ Select

Burning The Rose

Written by Shivansu Chatterjee With the last of my strength, I said, “Too late. This is fidelity…”Black and blue....